As a therapist I work with :

  • Individuals suffering from stress
  • Individuals who are confronted with anxiety issues
  • Individuals who want to boost their self-esteem
  • Individuals who want to manage their weight
  • Couples who are experiencing relationships problems

About Adiona

The name Adiona comes from the Latin verb adeo: to go, to reach a place or a person.

In Roman mythology, Adiona is one of the goddesses who watch over the movements of human beings and in particular the safe return of children to their families.

This divinity echoes for me the notion of the inner child and the need to protect it.

Connecting with the little girl or boy at the heart of ourselves brings to light the root causes of the challenges we face as adults, and is a necessary part of healing.

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

Maya Angelou
When I initially met Sylvie, I was completely worn out, fed up and close to the brink. I was convinced that nothing would change for me and I felt desperate. I had so many questions and nothing made sense to me. But each session with her either gave me some direction to answer my own questions, or an exercise/perspective that changed things a little bit. Those little bits were crucial to building up into something that made me understand myself and my environment better. I would definitely recommend Sylvie for the services she provides.
Throughout my long process, I’ve been fortunate enough to find people willing to push me and make sure I didn’t fall apart. However, Sylvie was the kindest and I really needed that. Several issues, such as breathing habits, affirmations, body positivity and self-identity were discussed in a way that made sense and resonated with me. Sylvie was able to identify the root cause of a lot of my pain and trauma, which led to healing and reconnecting with parts of myself I never even realized were present.
B. T
I first sought Sylvie’s help as a Hypnotherapist when I started having sleeping problems a few years ago. I was travelling a lot and faced some difficult challenges in my life and I was hoping to find a quick and definite solution to my problem. Sylvie was fantastic! She explained the processes so clearly, I felt I could relax completely. The trust and energy between us felt amazing and her warmth and professionalism made me feel so at ease that after only a few sessions my insomnia was cured.
As a natural energy healer, I had been interested in past life regression for most of my life but never before found a therapist I trusted enough to go so deep. With Sylvie, this was completely different. There was such a beautiful bond there, and with her absolute professionalism and total trust, I knew that I could put myself in her hands and allow myself to travel deep. Those regression sessions with Sylvie were some of the most profound and beautiful experiences of my life and for that I shall always feel the deepest love and gratitude towards her. Thank you, Sylvie for helping me to understand who I am and why I am here – my sessions with you transformed my life – Namaste!
ClaudiaNatural Energy Healing Master
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